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Adinath Yoga

“What’s faster than the wind?” asked Yaksha.
“Mind” replied Yudhishtira.

Life is the most complicated & the easiest. Does it sound contradictory or non-sense? Let’s get together to dive deep into discover.

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Adinath Yoga

Adinath Yoga in the purest sense is beyond an exercise for the body. Here you will learn to do asana not merely as physical exercise but as means to understand and then integrate our body with our breath, mind, intelligence and with our core. Each process is a composition of asana, breath works, music, mindfulness, silence and celebration.

The scientific art of Inner Magic

Man started his search for happiness and peace at his very origin onwards. He felt always that something is missing. He tried many things to fill the gap. Religion, Art, Science, Cult, Different schools of philosophy were invented. Many succeeded. Many failed. But in the east, a very different kind of life was throbbing gracefully. Here people found ecstatic, joyful, peaceful and of course very intelligent too. A different kind of source was leading them. They found the essential, THE ESSENCE. It always remained mysterious and magical.

ESSENCE is a great gadget to tune your inner rhythm. It is designed to enrich the life of every human being. It was churned out of the oceanic mystical tradition of the east. Teachings and Techniques from Tantra, Yoga, Mindfulness and all other schools of thoughts make THE ESSENCE the most powerful tool to bring out the magnum opus in you.

Once you get in touch with the hidden power of your ESSENCE, you will see your life gets transformed. It becomes lighter but more powerful. It opens the doors of Creativity, Intelligence, Love, Abundance, Beauty, and Beyond.

Essence Breathing – The core of Rebirth

Essence Breathing is a safe and natural breathing method which connects us with our higher consciousness as well as being a form of therapy which can help with any issue. It is a transformational process which helps us to master our mind and body, eventually enabling us to achieve a blissful and abundant state in our daily life.

Essence breathing has an extraordinary purifying and healing power, not only the physical body but also mind and soul are cleansed and variety of emotional and mental barriers is released. Each time when emotion or anger or pain occurs we withhold our breath. Breath is the fundamentals of life. Life begins with a single breath and life ends with one’s last breath. This process releasing all energy and brings a resolution and free us from suppressed inner conflict of the entire past.

Anand Mahaveer (Founder of Adinath)

Anand Mahaveer is a person who touched the core of the mystic traditions of the east, are a breath work expert and meditation facilitator. He’s shown his deep interest in Indian mysticism at his very young age. He’s been a part of many mystic communities and practising for the last two decades. He could touch the essence of Tantra, Yoga, Breath Work, Therapies and so on. He started his inner search by being initiated into the world of yoga by Govindan Nambeesan, his Master. That was a great wonder and turning point for him. It led him to dive deep into the world of Meditation. Later he experienced many traditions and cults including Osho. He’s been awarded as a Yoga Siromani by International Sivananda Yoga. His intensive and extensive practices of mystic tradition made him a vital catalyst to help many hearts.
He’s been appreciated for his ability to bring healing, joy and lightness around him. Persons who have closely connected to him consider him as an embodiment of peace & bliss

Essence Rebirth

Rebirth can refer to a number of different concepts within spirituality, depending on the school of thought. Hinduism and Buddhism, which both share roots with yogic philosophy, teach about rebirth.

In Hinduism, rebirth, or reincarnation, is a central tenet of the religious teachings. It refers to the idea that the spirit can begin a new life after the death of its physical body, in another body. This may be a human or an animal body.

In Buddhism, rebirth is the idea that when a being dies, this event is the catalyst for the creation of a new aggregation of consciousness. The new being is neither identical nor completely dissimilar to the previous life, but rather they form a continuous stream of consciousness.