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Who we areThe Edha School of Culture

Edha School of Culture is founded by a group of passionate artists who believes in giving quality training and care for their students. We believe that there is a better way to teach any performing or visual art which can help the person blossom from a hobbyist to a professional artist. Our vision is to make professional artists in the future who can contribute to the well being of the world through creative self-expression. We deeply care about the quality of training given to our students. We make sure that each student becomes a true professional in his craft and be artistically/creatively satisfied at the same time.  We also beige that all forms of art and music must have a stage, a space for showcasing one’s craft, and hence we have regular performance sessions for our students. How much soever we learn in a class, the inputs from industry masters are needed to learn the ways of the industry.To cater this, we conduct seminars and workshops, on a regular basis, by leading industry experts. So what are you waiting for? join and learn to express your passion? We are really excited to see you in our class soon!

Edhawhat’s behind the name

India has a unique and diverse culture which in many ways are expressed and embedded in its art forms. Indian art culture represents values, Outlook, goals, and practices. It also has a distinctive connection with the Sanskrit language.

We decided to have a name which embodies India’s culture, which is authentic as well as modern.The name Edha is selected from three Sanskrit words, which are एध ः (Edha:) means ‘Sacred’, ‘Fuel’, ‘Holy’,  एधस् (Edhas) means ‘Prosperity’ and एधते (Edhate) means ‘to grow’. The name Edha represents the core values of this school – “Growth”, “Prosperity” and “Sacred”.

Individual and group classes.

Practice-oriented training methods

Performance opportunity for students

Subjects are handled by industry experts

Free daily instrument Practice*

Flexible class timings